Detox Green juice recipe

My favourite detox green juice is simple, cost effective, packed with nutrients and is great for digestion, plus it’s great to keep in the fridge and enjoy throughout the day – take it to work in a shaker and sip when you’re between appointments or before your routine caffeine hit. It might take the edge off that 3pm slump and save you from work-place snacks.Photo 15-01-2015 6 16 03 am

  • 2 sticks celery
  • 1 cucumber
  • ginger chopped 1 tspn
  • lemon peeled 1/8
  • fresh mint leaves, handful – appx 10 leaves
  • 1/2 cup water

I’ve been adding in my daily supplements which has been great, instead of taking a dozen things in the morning I can sip the nutrients throughout the day and allow them to nourish my body. It’s easy to take a concoction of goodness when they’re wrapped up in ginger and celery!

I’m a huge fan of vitamin B, it supports adrenal gland function and helps protect againstย adrenal fatigue – which can lead to adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue. Vitamin B is a natural supplement and can be sources from your local health care clinic. If you find yourself craving coffee, caffeine or stimulants ie. sugar, salt, energy drinks, Vitamin B could be your missing link.

Green-veggie-juiceAs well as Vitamin B, vitamin C is another one that is overlooked. It’s been around forever – we all know aboutย Vit C, this is another anti-inflammatory and helps boost the immune system.

At the moment I’m taking a powdered Green Tea extract. It’s great for detoxifying and boosting energy levels.


  • Vitamin B liquid
  • daily recommended serve Vit C
  • Green tea extract 1/2 tspn (recommended dose is 1 full tbsn.. I’m going easy)

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