Eye lift in your lunch break

Photo 3-02-2015 3 11 57 pmA Qi beauty eye lift can take as little as 30 minutes. In 30 minutes you can trigger a biological response within the skin and naturally lift your brow line for an instant eye lift. When? In your lunch break, on the way to work, between brunch & pre-dinner drinks, before a big event where you want your eyes to be as bright as your smile. Running from a beauty appointment to an event may sound risky, what about swelling, redness.. what’s the recovery time? It’s needle free and there’s no recovery time, no bruising or visible signs that you’ve had anything done .. Your big, bright eyes and smooth brow can be passed off as your new zen lifestyle, after all,don’t we all meditate in our lunch break for inner peace & Qi? .. Well, you do now.

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