Blog Crush: Interior fashion

There are a lot of interior design blogs out there, some of them are showcasing their own work, some are their personal workspace, and others screenshot things they love until their gallery is a perfectly composed collection of monochrome that provides inspiration and ideas. Here are a few interior blogs, galleries and spaces that I personally like to check in with now & then.

1422485412860Coffeenchlothes: Ok so technically it’s not about a space per-say, but it’s undeniable that once you combine a pair of stilettos, short black & french manicure, you instantly have a space worthy of recreating. This is the gallery I go to when I want a burst of motivation in the morning. It reminds me to consider my shoes in relation to my coffee shop, which, as we all know, is extremely important.

Spaces + Places I love this blog, in particular the Ground of Alexander feature on this link. Spaces + Places is run by an interior decorator & lifestyle blogger, the blog is friendly and chatty, and her instagram gallery has a diversity to ensure you don’t get bored looking at one colour!

Love Warriors This is one of my favourites for what I like to call The Dark Side of Boho. They’re a Swedish lifestyle brand that specialise in art – photography, living, style. There isn’t a huge interior gallery to roam through, however you can tell the spaces have been meticulously structured for the aesthetic that is Love Warriors. 

aZyHNhov-pZfFTI9CaSMm43262LUD0y14kKy8BToiBcIsland Luxe: It’s safe to reason that fashion & interiors are akin to one another. After all, aren’t they both a representation of who we are? This is one of my favourite fashion-turned-lifestyle brands, local to Bangalow & Byron, who have delved deeper into the interior/exterior design with heavy, earthy mediums that demand space and attention. They don’t have a website yet, but stay tuned.

Kelly_Connor-17The Coveture: Guilty pleasure? Organised wardrobe spaces. Step into someones closet and you are stepping into the inner workings of their mind, mood-swings and hoarding tendencies included. The Coveteur features fashionistas, business executives, models, directors, model/director love-matches, and even ballerinas. If you’re feeling under the weather, unsure how to colour coordinate your shoes or feeling like you need an inspiration mood board, this is the ultimate collection of closet spaces. It blends fashion with living. Shoes are on show next to encyclopaedias and no-one would think twice, they are, after all, both adorned with gold leaf. It’s indulging, unnecessary and an absolute must.

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