The Stress Process: Marcia Zimmerman

We all know Stress is bad for us, particularly the catch-22 cycle we find ourselves in. Marcia Zimmerman, Author, researcher, nutrition educator,  has taken the conversation of ‘reduce stress for your health’ and put it into a context that actually means something on her anti-ageing blog ‘7 syndrome healing’, here is an excerpt:

Manage Stress:

Belly fat may signal a life in overdrive with unresolved chronic stress. Constant stress amps up cortisol your fight or flight hormone. Insulin levels spiral leading to blood sugar problems and disordered fat metabolism. Fat accumulates to the abdominal area – a shift from accumulation in the extremities. There is a drop in muscle mass, caused in part by a drop in the muscle maintaining hormones testosterone and human growth hormone.

Levels of the anti-aging hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) plummet and this affects your other hormones, your energy level, and your sex life. (see my blog DHEA May Boost Your Sex Life). DHEA, like cortisol, is an adrenal gland hormone.

While you may be familiar with the statistics, chronic conditions may not be your greatest concern right now. You want to have a better body contour.”

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