Meditation in the palm of your hand

IMG_0690It may seem like a step backwards, seeking quietness, a still mind and restful heart rate with the help of the device that probably landed you in the stress-zone that you’re currently in. But, as we have learnt and continue to learn, technology makes life easier. So don’t fight the app. Instead, take advantage of the benefits of having guided meditation, and an abundanceย of choices at your fingertips. Instead of enrolling in a meditation program only to discover your yogi’s voice is akin to nails on a chalkboard, shop the field (the cyber field that is) and find an app that works for you. Hint: They will most likely ALL work for you. So, to make life easier, here are some of the top meditation apps voted in 2014.

The Mindfulness app:

  • ย iPhone and Android
  • Providing guided meditation from 3-30 minutes
  • Personalise your meditation
  • set a reminder for regular practice

Simply Being

  • iphone & Android
  • Meditate to a calming voice to keep you on track
  • Guided meditation
  • Choose your session length
  • Add natural sounds like wildlife or the ocean to the end of your session


  • Android
  • Fill your space with the ambiance of Tibetan singing bowls
  • pre-recorded sessions for daily meditation, sleep assistance or affirmation
  • You can record sessions to monitor your progress over time

Mindfullness Meditation

  • iPhone and Android
  • Created by the writer of “Meditation for Dummies”
  • Introduction to meditation for beginners with an 8week course
  • Guided sessions range from 5 – 40 minutes


  • iphone
  • designed to be used in daily life to restore balance
  • Relax to sounds and images of nature


  • iPhone and Android
  • This app will guide you through breathing sessions
  • Breathing deeply reduces stress and anxiety
  • Breathing is an important element of meditation, it can give you power of your mind and body
  • It can take you from stress to zen in a matter of minutes

Relax melodies

  • Fall asleep with soothing sounds
  • use the apps tracks or make your own
  • Custom sleeping soundtracks that can go for as long as you like

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