Portabello Mushroom stack

Portabello Mushroom stack is a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s filling and also contains protein ( you can make it vegetarian or vegan) and throw in more greens like alfalfa if you have them on hand.

Shopping list:
Large portabello Mushroom : Mushrooms are low in fat and carbohydrate but have almost twice as much protein as other vegetables. To retain as much protein as possible, baked is the best way to cook these delicious veggies!
Sweet potato: Sweet potato is hight in vitamin B6, which helps reduce the chemical homocysteine in our bodies. It is also a good source of vitamin C, D and Iron. It can also help reduce the symptoms of PMS
Fresh ham: Ham isn’t the healthiest choice, however it is a yummy addition to your meals and has a high amount of protein and reasonable vitamin content. Choose an organic ham and low sodium option.
red capsicum: Capsicum is a stimulant herb and helps relieve gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, stomach ulcers, colic, dyspepsia, diarrhea and even help reduce excessive flatulence.
Zucchini: A staple Green, one cup of Zucchini has 30% of your daily requirement of vitamin C
Fresh baby spinach or rocket
Fresh rosemary
Spring onion or chives
Place mushroom and sweet potato slices on baking tray lined with baking paper, this will help maintain the natural juices and also minimise cleanup!  Douse in extra virgin olive oil (or coconut oil) and sprinkle with fresh rosemary and himalayan rock salt.
A large mushroom and sweet potato should take the same cooking time app 20 min in preheated oven at 180degrees celsius.
While it’s in the oven, on the stove, lightly cook the ham with black olives and strips of red capsicum (bell pepper) and zucchini, this should take about 10 minutes.
Finish: Place the mushroom on a bed of fresh baby spinach or rocket, layer the ham, sweet potato, zucchini and capsicum, finish with chopped chives (spring onion) and drizzle with basil pesto.

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