GABA, L-Glutamine neurotransmitter

Natural sources of ‘happy’ can be found anywhere, from a sunrise (increasing serotonin production) to a cup of tea (stimulating GABA) to endorphins released from exercise. The Neurotransmitter GABA is responsible for regulating stress and resilience. If you are low in GABA you can often feel overwhelmed, suffer insomnia or have a short fuse for the fight-or-flight response. The fight-or-flight response triggers the stress hormone cortisol which, combined with long term stress, has detrimental effects on your adrenal gland. This can lead to chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. Naturally balancing neuro-chemicals like GABA can help reduce the symptoms of stress and assist the balance of healthy brain function.

There are natural ways of enhancing neuro chemicals and naturally increasing your intake of GABA. L-Glutamine is one of the amino acids affecting the production of GABA and is found in Dairy, animal and vegetables.

Via Livstrong “As the most concentrated amino acid in your body, L-glutamine — also known as glutamine — is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid. Because it fuels white blood cells and other rapidly dividing body cells, glutamine is indispensable to immune system function and tissue repair. While your body normally makes all the glutamine it needs, a serious injury or prolonged illness may require you to increase your dietary intake, which generally means eating protein-rich foods.”

GABA tea is rich in the amino acid and helps brain function. DAARK Espresso, Gold Coast. via @Qigirl_

GABA tea is rich in the amino acid and helps brain function. DAARK Espresso, Gold Coast. via @Qigirl_

Vegetables: Dried lentils, peas and beans, Cabbage is seen as a superfood with anti-ulcer effects (good for people prone to stress) as well as raw spinach and kale, parsley, fresh beans, beets, carrots and Brussels sprouts.

Animal: Meat, poultry, fish and seafood are among the best sources of glutamine. Lean meats are better than meat with a higher fat content.

Dairy: Whey protein, Cottage cheese, ricotta. Fat content has an impact on the Glutamine in a product. These are the top three sources.

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