Waking times

Waking times throughout the night, inability to sleep well and how we feel in the morning can tell us a lot about our body, especially when we draw a comparison to TCM philosophy of the relationship between organs and the emotions affecting them. Disrupted sleep can be an indication of stress or an imbalance in Qi, driven by emotional, mental or environmental factors.

Falling asleep can be difficult for many people, despite how tired they feel or felt throughout the day;

Triple Burner: 9pm-11pm. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, it could be an indication that your triple burner (thorax, abdomen and pelvis) is imbalanced. The emotional expression is feelings of imbalance, depression, or off-centre. A well functioning triple burner will make you feel light-hearted, kind and joyful.

Waking throughout the night can be an indication of emotional unrest, people often wake with a lot on their mind

Gallbladder 11pm-1am, Emotions: anger, resentment, frustration, unresolved conflict

Liver: 1am-3am, Emotions: Anger and resentment

Lung: 3am-5am, Emotions: Grief, sadness, unresolved emotional stress

If you wake throughout the night, keep track of your dreams and thoughts. If you wake from a disturbing dream write it down to revisit the themes the next day. If you wake and have a lot on your mind

The way you feel in the morning is a strong indication of how your body is functioning.

Large Intestine: 5am-7am. Waking with indigestion is an indication that there is something in your diet that is disrupting your intestine and digestion.


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