The organic Health Shelf

Every home has a health shelf; it might be a medicine cabinet or a vitamin draw, hopefully it’s full of natural remedies for overall health and wellbeing. A health shelf is a good way of staying on top of your daily rituals to keep you feeling fantastic and full of energy. I like to keep things simple, so my health shelf has been condensed to the staples for daily Qi.

Morning with Fressko Tea Thermosย keeps tea warm, infuse it with a built-in infuser and is a great on-the-go carrier. Warm water, lemon and (home grown) basil is a fresh infusion and gentle cleanse.

It might be out of season, but my fig tree has decided to produce fruit so at the moment the shelf has a home-grown, pesticide free treat, as well as a home grown lemon!

Organic Qi detox green tea is certified Australian made. Green tea stimulates Hyaluronic Acid for skin health, is good for the immune system and stimulates the metabolism.

The Qi beauty Spritz is full of natural Australian botanicals that have calming affects on the skin, it’s great for sunburn or irritated skin with a light and fresh aroma.

Agora Apothecary in Melbourne specialises in herbal and medicinal formulas that are personalised to the individualย needs. 100% natural whole foods with no isolates, no fillers & no artificial ingredients!


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