Porter Powers Women

Porter is known for its fashionable flair, Net-A-Porter is where it all started when founder Natalie Massenet launched the online store in 2000, Porter Magazine was first published in 2014, bringing the fashion forecast into homes around the world. What we love most about porter is the strong female presence. Writers, photographers, makeup artists, entrepreneurs & scientists are all featured on the pages of one of fashions most reputable sources.

The Supernovas nominated by porter in each of their 6 yearly editions, is a list of 5 women who have excelled in their field – whether it be fashion, the arts, or politics.

The latest edition, February 2015, nominated 5 women who each in their own way have made a big and lasting impact.

The Nominations..

Malala Yousafzai – The Schoolgirl Champion. What you didn’t know: At only 13 Malala was shot in her home Pakistan for being outspoken about the rights of girls in education, at 16 she addressed the UN and is continuing to campaign for the rights of girls and women.

Emma Watson – The Child Prodigy. What you didn’t know: She is a feminist campaigner, addressing the UN with her HeForShe speech, the most memorable address the night. She also has a flair for fashion.

Elizabeth Holmes – The Young Blood.  What you didn’t know: At 30 Ms Holmes is Forbes youngest self-made billionaire. At 19 she founded the company Theranos.

Gabby Douglas – The High Flyer. What you didn’t know: At 16 Gabby won two gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics for both the team and is the first black woman to ever win the individual rounds.

Lorde – The Fresh Voice. What you didn’t know: at 17 Lorde was the youngest solo artist to achieve a US number 1. She also created the soundtrack for The Hunger Games. According to David Bowie, who told her, “Listening to you is like listening to tomorrow”, Lorde knows a thing or two.

We also can’t forget Spring 2015 cover feature Natalia Vodianova, her inspiring story of resilience and tenacity is shared over a 4 page story giving us an insight to her Naked Heart foundation. Founded in 2004 after the Beslan School Siege in the Russian Federation. The foundation is desiccated to bringing happiness to children, it started with Playgrounds, which in a politically or culturally volatile environment is not a priority for the government.

Porter – power to you!

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