If you’re searching for weekend reading, daily reading, simple, or complex pages to browse through on the weekends, there’s an abundance of material at your fingertips (literally). Get online if you like, or rekindle your love for real-life pages. Here is a selection to support most interests..


  • Your national newspaper. There is nothing more attractive than someone that knows whats going on in the world. This may make you feel like your grandpa – particularly if the pages span the width of two tables giving you a meerkat-like head-pop, but reading your national paper will give you an overview of your community,  and open your mind to ‘global thinking’.  You will get an insight to the political climate and what’s happening in the world of business. it might raise a few questions; should you buy stocks in MYER? (no), how is the dollar is faring? (terribly) and make you ponder life’s questions, “should you buy or sell?” (MYER? sell.).
     Where to read it: Newspapers are lightweight and fold well so if you’re going for a morning walk/ride/run, pick one up and stop in at a local cafe to peruse whilst you enjoy your bevy. With all the community buzz say hello to people walking by, drop a line about the front page story, have a chat. Enjoy being local and knowing what’s what.
  • Stretching your brain (which you can literally do due to the brains plastic-like attributes) is great. It’s ageless, you don’t need to be under 25 (when the brain is most susceptible to learning and absorbing information) you can work on neuro-plasticity at any age! How? New Philosopher is a modern philosophy magazine that takes philosophy away from Proust’s fixation on social hierarchy and cleaning his teeth with napkins (‘How proust can change your life’ by Alain de Botton, didn’t do much for my life, but Consolations of Philosophy is on my bedside table) and makes it relevant. Medicine, the latest topic covered the ‘obesity epidemic’ – the thinking behind this, the community and social values we place on body. Prior to this was connectivity – that humans don’t strive to be connected to an iPhone, they strive to be connected to each other. The authors, some of Australia’s best ’thinkers’, make it sound far more profound than this.
  • Where to read it: Unlike the newspaper, this is a publication you can keep for months as the articles have no expiry. Reading this would achieve true hipster status, gravitate towards a we-serve-nothing-but-single-origin-coffee (and cronuts). Alternatively, you could take it to an astro-turfed beer garden that opens for breakfast serving NY style bagels. But If you want to appear a serious young professional, ditch New Philosopher and get your head out of the clouds, TIME is your magazine.
  • The fashion bible. You might think i’m about to say Vogue, and I probably should. BUT. Theres a new publication released last year, that for us in Australia is more than a fashion bible, it’s your crystal ball into fashion, lifestyle and trends.. Porter is the magazine from the creators of Net-A-Porter. it’s only available in ‘selected news agencies’ so your best bet is to subscribe online for this publication. Based on UK seasons, you’ll always be a step, or two, ahead. And it may induce some serious late-night OCD wardrobe editing. It’s the fashion forecaster. To Porters credits, they also deliver down-to-earth interviews with fashionable women from all areas of business.
  • Where to read it: Ok, lets be honest, not everyone reads Porter. It’s hard to get your hands on and sells out quick, so take a moment and enjoy a bit of la-di-da. Take it somewhere sophisticated with loose leaf tea and petit cakes. Needless to say, wear something fabulous – pretend you’re in Paris or New York.
  • The Other fashion bible. Vogue. It’s the staple for daily fashion choices, this is the immediate go-to… We all know vogue.
  • Where to read it: Specifically? Chapel Street, Melbourne. Vogue takes time, you might be scanning the pages for upto two hours (sometimes 3), it makes a great breakfast companion, and is also suited for the communal table allowing you time to read and people watching – you’re seeking fashion inspiration after all. It’s undeniably a city magazine, a few hours with vogue and you can’t help but want to wander through the racks of Sass & Bide & Ellery.
  • Literature. What you will notice about literature is the time the author has taken to describe the emotion, condition and situations. Characters are not perfect, they are flawed and troubled in a very human, and true way. Literature makes you connect to a character and think ‘there are other people like me’. The character evolution is so thorough you will often confuse these can’t-put-down pages with a movie, and though it may feel slow compared to todays fast-paced fiction, there is great depth to the story.
    If you like fiction, suspense and the human psyche: A Picture of Dorian Gray
    If you like love and words: The Bridges of Madison County
    If you are curious: Wuthering Heights
  • Where to read it: A good book can be taken anywhere, literature however can make you want to curl up into a ball on the couch with a cup of tea & a blanket (Bridges of Madison County). Most of these books are small and light, making them the ideal handbag companion.

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