Women Talk: Elle Australia + Rebel Wilson

It’s not just the Gold Coast that has the equality of the film industry in mind, the discussion of women in film, appears to be at the forefront of actresses’ agendas when they speak out about who they are, what they do and why they do it, and it’s not an off the cuff remark either. Elle Australia, featured Australian comedian and Actress Rebel Wilson on the cover of Elle April, and boy has she made an impact. Not only does she grace the cover looking confident and beautiful, but she speaks up about the nature of the film industry, the stereotypes, the conformity, the imbalance of male/female screen time – regardless of how funny you are.

When Elle stated that Pitch Perfect was such a girl friendly film, Rebel was not shy to call it as it is in her answer;

“It’s written by Kay Cannon, and she just writes great female roles. You look at the script for Pitch Perfect ad it had 10 really great female roles. I get sent so many comedy scripts, and usually the female roles are not as well-developed – not as good, not as funny, which means you have to try 10 times harder than one of the male actors on set just to get jokes in the movie – because you didn’t have jokes in the script so you gotta try hrd on the day to rectify that. The guys’ roles start at 80 or 90 per cent and then they take it to 100, but the girls all start at 10 or 20 and you’re really at a disadvantage. It’s not a fair playing field, so it’s really up to you on the day to bring something. And luckily that’s where people will hire me because they know I have the ability to do that and I think thats why I work a lot.The situation where you don’t have that is usually if female writers like Paula Pell or Kay Cannon have written the script, something like Pitch Perfect or Bridesmaids. But they’re like five per cent or less of the scripts out there. With the major scripts, you can be with these incredibly funny guys, but you will be at a disadvantage. You can try to get stuff in, and even if you’re brilliant they’re probably not going to put a shitload of you in, which is interesting.”

Rebel says it as it is. She’s not cold, or hard, but she’s confident and honest.

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