Long weekend activities

It’s the easter long weekend, it’s raining & you have a million things to do. You could do the laundry, clean the linen closet, alphabetise your DVD’s. But why not kick back with a book, magazine or DVD & enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Your activities could include:

Eating a hot X bun
Creating boards on Pinterest
Watching Hozier’s film clips on youtube
Creating a Hozier Pinterest board
Daydreaming about Hozier.

Here’s a sample of my indoor day: A sunflower (for added brightness) Qi beauty samples (to make my skin bright), Hot X Bun (It’s gluten free!) Green tea detox (Neutralising the Hot X bun) & Vogue (of course).

Have a wonderful day!

Photo 3-04-2015 6 04 10 am

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