Profile: Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz

What you need to know about Margaret Pomeranz, and daughter-in-law Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz, guest speakers at the inaugural Women In Film luncheon at QT Gold Coast,

  • Philippa Whitfield Pomeranz is the beauty and brains behind Fashion Bloggers, the 2014 hit show that made fashion enthusiasts and bloggers around the world giddy at the thought of an inside scoop into the worlds of fashions most popular It  girls in an 8 episode mini series showcasing events and daily life in  Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Paris.
  • She goes by the tag @Pippypom on Twitter and Instagram
  • Her IMDb account reads 7 credits as a Producer, 3 Credits as a Director, and special thanks for Burning Man and The Waiting City.
  • Fashion Bloggers series 2 is being filmed, pippypom’s latest @fashionbloggers_tv tweet read ” Making waves in USA!” with Kate Waterhouse, Nicole Richie, Zanita Whittington and Sara Donaldson.
  • Philippa’s Mother-in-law, Margaret Pomeranz is one of Australias most respected film critics, with a career in Australian media spanning nearly 30 years.
  • Margaret has been busy curating a cookbook to be released April 27, Lets eat: A Cookbook Celebrating Film, Food & Family   @Milanddil

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