Things we learnt from Margaret and Philippa

As Nicole Dyer sat with with Margaret & Philippa on stage at the Gold Coast Film Festival’s Inaugural Women in Film Luncheon, it was clear this was going to be a open chat about life, in general. With their down-to-earth views on the hot topics; their personal success and identity, there were a few key things we will keep in mind in matters of work, life and love;Margaret+Pomeranz

  • You should set the bar high, then jump
  • Go for your goals, just do it
  • Getting turned down for a lack of life experience is valid, so go get some life experience.
  • Everyone’s replaceable – theoretically, not exactly
  • The Kardashians are necessary
  • If the opportunity presents and it is appropriate, you should definitely date your landlord
  • Film festivals are essential for culture, the support of young film makers, and the evolution of film
  • Film piracy is bad. (We already knew this, but wanted to reinforce it)


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