8 uses for the Qi beauty Intense Oil

As winter creeps in we need to pay extra attention our skin. To avoid the dry flakey patches and chapped lips, all you need is a little bottle of the Qi beauty Intense Oil. It is an Australian made blend of Organic Seabuck Thorn oil and Australian Jojoba oil. Here are 8 ways to use the Qi beauty intense oil this winter…

  • As a face conditioning treatment. Pretend you’re at the spa and give your skin the full treatment. Cleanse, exfoliate and detox with a natural clay mask. At this point your skin is feeling fresh and revitalised, to keep your pores happy, hydrated and nourished, put on a generous amount of the intense oil to create a rich mask. Leave it on all night for an amazing conditioning treatment your skin will love
  • To keep your nails and cuticles strong. 190 nutritional compounds in the intense oil work wonders on cuticles, particularly when they start to dry out in cold weather. After you apply the intense oil to your face, massage the remaining oil into your cuticles.
  • Nightly oil. Balance your skin with oil to help restore a natural pH and bring harmony to your skin. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive or reactive skin prone to break outs. You only need 3-4 drops.
  • Instead of investing in yet another primer, simply use a few drops of the intense oil in the morning before you apply your make up – Voila!
  • If you have blemishes on your décolletage, apply a small amount of the intense oil to the spot to assist natural healing and reduce redness and irritation
  • If you have a cupboard full of moisturisers and cleansers, don’t throw them away – boost their nutritional value for skin by adding a few drops of the Intense oil.
  • If you have severely dry, chapped lips, keep your intense oil handy and apply one drop to your lips throughout the day to assist healing
  • Use the intense oil to balance skin that has broken out or is inflamed. As the seasons change our skin can struggle to keep up with the cooler weather and produce the natural oils needed to hydrate. This can result in a rapid and excess production of oils that appears as blemishes. Nourish these areas with the intense oil to calm skin down.

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