Food trends: The diets of 2015

The Paleo diet: Elimination of dairy, grains, refined sugar and Legumes. Feast on: Vegetables, meat and fruit

The 3-2-1 diet: Eating what you want 2/7 days. After 3 days of eating vegetables, lean protein, and good carbohydrates such as sweet potato, allow yourself one cheat day. Followed by two clean days, and one more cheat day. Repeat.

The Friendship diet: When we shop with our girlfriends we often spend more. When we commit to going to the gym together 4 days a week, we go. A joint diet makes eating well easier, you’re always accountable and encouragement is in abundance.

The mono meal diet: Focus on one main ingredient at each meal. Ie. Breakfast: Spinach, lunch: Avocado, dinner: Zucchini. This helps eliminate unnecessary sauces and additives in cooking when we try to make things fancy.

The vegetarian diet.

The 5:2 diet: Five days of eating without discretion, followed by two days of fasting. Intermittent fasting is said to burn fat and allow the body to recognise hunger.

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