Maintaining your Qi

Maintaining your Qi, keeping your cool, and staying zen… They’re all the same, and sometimes it’s difficult – nay, impossible, to maintain your sense of self and composure. We all have those moments when people or situations push our buttons.. When we loose our cool at ourselves, or an innocent bystander. It might be a warranted melt-down, or just an accumulation of minuscule annoyances that are tipped over the edge by some poor soul that brings you a soy latte instead of a soy cap. To avoid a major road rage moment keep yourself in check and your Qi balanced with a few simple strategies:


  • Breathe. Now before you roll your eyes, you should know why this simple instruction is thrown around so freely to those that are under or over-whelmed. When we’re stressed we tend to hold our breath, decreasing theย oxygen supply to blood, muscles and our brain. Our cognitive (rational) thoughts function at a lower rate and we tend to make strange choices. So, breathe.
  • Pause. Before deciding that all is lost and the situation is in dire-straits, pause to allow yourself to breathe, then ask yourself if it really is, or if you’re simply havingย an irrational knee-jerk reaction.
  • Re-assess the situation. You don’t need to make choices or decide how you feel straight away. Take a moment, or a week, to decide how you want to feel. Is loosing your head over a situation really worth it?
  • Ask yourself, do you really care about this? Is this really important?
  • If you find yourself with a short-fuse, take a moment to think about what’s really bothering you. And sort it out.
  • Sometimes you’re just having a bad day, and you don’t need to take everyone else down with you. Admit you’re having a moment and move on. Pause. Breathe and re-assess the situation.

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