Beauty advise from Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen

Aly speaks to Qi beauty founder Kathy Pedersen about the Qi beauty ionic skin care products; what separates Qi from other Natural products, how the Home Kit can boost the benefits of your existing products and the number one product that will work for you regardless of age or skin conditions…

A: If I could only afford to invest in one anti-age product from your range, what would you recommend?
K: If a client was to ask me to recommend the best anti-age product from the entire Qi beauty range, without hesitation I would advise the Home Kit.
Firstly, it is easy to use (takes less than 2 minutes to apply). Secondly, it is affordable (one three month kit works out to $1.80 per treatment), and thirdly, it works for everyone regardless of age, skin type and condition, and is capable of reducing the effects of environmental toxins and skin fatigue.
Additionally, the Home Kit naturally stimulates collagen production, increases volume, promotes a clear complexion, reduces fine lines, moves nutrients upwards to the surface of the skin and magnifies the qualities of any moisturiser applied after patch application. Even in you have a mediocre moisturiser, applying it over the patch system during stimulation magnifies the qualities of the active ingredients.

A: I noticed that Qi beauty has only one cleanser in the entire range, whereas most cosmetic companies offer several. Is there something I don’t know about cleansers?
K: The concept of Qi for anti-aging separates us from regular cosmetic companies and that extends to all Qi beauty skin care. For example we offer one day cream, one night nourishing cream, one eye cream and yes one cleanser. Qi beauty skin care is not divided into the old fashioned concept of “skin types” because the Home Kit takes care of all that by balancing and correcting. The clarity cleanser is an unusual product in that it features vitamins and nutrients not commonly present in a cleanser. It is gentle, can be used by anyone, (even sensitive skin), and does not strip the skin. It is Australian made with organics and is rich in vitamin A, D, E and lecithin. The omega 3 of Avocado, coupled with the nutrient rich Seabuck Thorn oil, is a powerful anti inflammatory to calm and soothe skin. The Qi beauty cleanser is a gentle formulation that can be used morning and night.

A: You mentioned that the intense oil is ageless, suitable for  all ages, from teenagers to mature skin. What does it do?
K: The intense oil is our nutritional giant. A rich source of vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoid, and sterols, this versatile oil is the highest source of omega 7 capable of quick absorption. Containing palmitoleic acid, known to support tissue and wound healing, the ingredient Seabuck thorn oil works harmoniously with certified organic Australian jojoba oil to create a blend easily absorbed to assist skin repair. Intense is used in several ways. Topically, (around 5 drops) over the entire face after a warm shower a few times a week for an intense conditioning treatment for skin or every night (around 3 drops) for an anti-age effect or it can be added to a basic moisturiser (1 drop) to raise the nutritional benefit. Think of Intense oil as food for skin. It is made with organic seabuck thorn oil (with Co2 Extraction) and certified organic jojoba Oil. It has a very earthy smell and feels silky on the skin. The intense oil is Actress Margot Robbie’s favourite Qi beauty product.

A: I have dry skin, can I use the nourishing cream as a day cream, or is it only recommended for night?

K: Firstly, if you were to use the Home Kit, you would moisturize your skin from the inside out so if dry skin is an issue for you I would recommend you begin with the home kit three times a week to help regulate trans – epidermal water loss. To answer your question, nourish can be used at any time.  Rich in Vitamin E, Aloe, and Evening Primrose Oil, nourish helps to balance and restore dehydrated skin, giving it the care and treatment skin requires so it can be used morning and night. The creamy rich texture and nutrient properties of seabuck thorn oil, calendula and boswelia combine to help restore moisture to dry, damaged skin.  I recommend nourish to people with dry skin, mature skin and people who need a medicinal aspect to their skin care. Nourish carries calendula, a herb known to benefit dry, damaged or irritated skin and the nutrient giant seabuck thorn oil so as a moisturiser, nourish has a lot to offer.

A: A lot of women prefer the feel of a creme to a serum, I know that serums absorb better than creams, what would you recommend to a client? 

K: Serums work within skin whereas moisturisers protect and lock in a serum. A serum is always applied first (on clean, dry skin) and is not overworked during application. Always apply a small amount of serum and allow to completely dry, never massage a serum into the skin. A serum does all the work during absorption. Once it has dried, apply a light layer of cream to seal, protect and moisturise the skin.


A: Also, which Qi beauty serum would I buy my mother?

K: Your mother would most likely need the Anti-Age serum which is designed for menopausal skin (it was created for me!) As we age skin become lethargic, quite lazy so Qi beauty Anti-Age is formulated to kick start the skin into action! People generally notice a difference after two applications of the Anti-age as the skin appears more smooth and tighter with an improvement in the complexion noticeable. Let’s not forget you, I would recommend Hydrate for your skin. It is designed for younger skin and will promote a clear, smooth complexion.


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