Home Kit Hacks

Qi beauty International is home to one of the most innovative anti-ageing products of the modern beauty world. Natural Age-Control that can be taken with you anywhere, anytime, and only costs $1.90 per treatment (Australia & New Zealand). Stemming from Acupuncture Therapy, and TCM Philosophy the Qi beauty Anti-Ageing systems stimulate skin to activate natural repair at a depth that was previously untouchable by modern non-invasive anti-ageing treatments.

Use the home Kit once a week to boost your skin’s natural repair capabilities. Boost collagen for a natural glow and skin vitality. Adapt the home Kit to give yourself fa natural lip lift

Beauty without pain, bruising or compromising who you are.

How to use your home kit

Express: Use more Qi to treat your skin to a natural lift and glowing finish in only 1 – 3 hours (depending on your protocol). Wear your Qi at home while you cook dinner, get the kids ready for school or give yourself a DIY mani & pedi.

Overnight: Use the Home Kit as it was designed: with absolute ease and flexibility. Wear the 12 Qi overnight and allow the 12 point face map to treat your skin to a natural beauty lift. The clinically tested face map uses specific points to soften lines around the eyes and lips, boost natural elasticity and collagen, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and make skin appear firmer. Give your skin a natural beauty lift while you sleep!

Daytime: You can use the Qi beauty Home Kit anytime of the day or night. Using the Home Kit express means you can leave it on for less time, and achieve noticeable results. Alternatively you can use the 12 point face map during the day for 8 hours (alternative to using it overnight) and still give your skin a natural anti-ageing treatment.

How to adapt your home kit:

For a personalised adaptation designed specifically for you, the Women at Qi beauty International will tailor your Qi beauty Face Map to your specific needs.

The most popular adaptions are the overnight detox treatment and the express lip lift.

  • Detoxification
  • Sculpt
  • Definition
  • Enhance
  • Balance
  • Symmetry

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