The skin A – B – C

The A, B, C of skincare… These oils possess medicinal qualities that will change the way you use skin care forever

Qi-beauty-internationalA: Avocado Oil. We know avocado possesses some super nutrients for overall health, but the oil extraction can do wonders for our skin. Using Avocado oil topically can help clear scaly skin, relieve dry and itchy skin and assist in the natural production of collagen.

Avocado oil is featured in Qi beauty’s Recovery Oil  

B: Bearberry has been used for its medicinal properties for the body both internally and externally. The berry extract has hypo pigmenting components that help naturally whiten skin, it can be used to treat freckles, age spots and vitiligo.

Bearberry extract is featured in Qi beauty’s Fade Active Serum

C: Calendula. The medicinal oil extract of the calendula plant is a superior skin nutrient, helping protect skin from the oxidation process, boosting the immune function and acting as a natural antibacterial – making it ideal for reactive skin or skin prone to break outs. The anti-inflammatory properties calm and sooth skin whilst promoting the production of collagen proteins.

Calendula Oil is featured in Qi beauty’s Nourish Moisturiser

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