Expert advice for the great fruit debate.. How to nourish with the right Foods

Qi-beauty-socialFood is a curiosity no-one can deny, we all want to know everyone else secret; how they keep trim, where their protein comes from, if they like dairy, almond or soy in their chai-tea. It has to be asked, are we complicating things? Isn’t this food stuff meant to be easy? Like, really, really easy? Isn’t it a simple matter of eat when you’re hungry? I asked Dr Clive Carter, what his views on the food debate are, I started with the question ‘How much fruit is too much?”

Dr Carter, has very practical views on the evolution of diet and the role food plays in todays living, the way he sees it, food isn’t complicated. It IS easy, and all we need to do is pay attention, look at a little history, and be practical.

” If we look to our ancestors, we evolved with available food sources – animal, vegetable, carbohydrates, to sustain us, sure we do that now, but historically all food consumed was local and seasonal. If a vegetable or fruit wasn’t in season – we just didn’t eat it. We ate as food was available.

It’s not a question of whether or not something is good or bad, it’s about evolution and physiological adaptations.

“The biggest problem is that fruit provides smallย amounts of protein, all contain just below the surface of the skin, if you peel an apple for instance, there is no protein left. And if you’re living off fruit you have a diet that is high in sugar. a balanced diet is not about consuming a balance of good and bad food – it’s about simple nourishment, and following a simple guide of ‘real food’ – not out of a packet.”

On the great fruit debate, Dr Carter advised that we just eat seasonally.

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