Product Feature: Natural, Australian Made, Certified Organic Ingredients

Qi website product banner.001Everything you need to know about Qi beauty International – no secrets.

  • Australian Made
  • No animal testing
  • No Parabens, Sulfate, Ethoqylate, Silicone, DEA, Palm Oil, artificial colours
  • Some products are Vegan (Some contain of Honey)
  • Local Gold Coast
  • Products used in Spa treatments are the same as retail – experience before you buy!
  • All products contain a blend of natural and organic ingredients while the Eye creme is certified organic.
  • All products contain medicinal ingredients like Calendula, Seabuck thorn oil, Carrot seed oil, Natural Vitamin E, Grape seed, Olive fruit extract, rosemary extract and soybean
  • Products contain Certified Organic Ingredients sourced locally

Nourish – Moisturiser featuring Seabuck Thorn oil, suitable for mature skin or skin suffering from severe dehydration

Day – Moisturiser featuring Calendula Oil. Suitable for sensitive skin or skin prone to break-outs

Eye – Certified organic formula eye cream that will lightly nourish the delicate skin around they eye to reduce redness, itching or dry skin

Clarity – The Qi beauty cleanser is made with both natural and certified organic ingredients. It is richly moisturising while removing residue from skin.

Remove – Remove features superfine volcanic pumice stone. A naturally occurring stone composed of balsamic minerals such as silicon, oxygen, magnesium and iron, these minerals can stimulate soft and radiant skin. Remove is gentle on skin and can be used a few times a week on the face, neck and décolletage.

intense oil – Qi beauty’s signature oil, featuring organic and Australian Jojoba Oil and Seabuck thorn oil to restore the natural pH balance of the skin

Recovery Oil – A unique blend of ingredients for optimum skin repair, suitable for skin that is recovering post cosmetic peels or microderm.

Qi beauty Spritz – The signature Qi beauty aroma features carrot seed oil in a light mist that can be applied to the face, neck  and décolletage throughout the day, or used to hydrate skin after cleansing.

Qi beauty Home Kit – The adaptable home kit that will sustain the results of your treatment and give you 100% control of the way you age.

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