Could Farmers Market save your cells?

Superoxide Dismutase are the largest classes of antioxidants activated when a plant is under stress (environmental or animal), and without threat, SOD is not activated. When a plant is treated with pesticides the plant has no reason to release SOD, as it is not under threat. Once activated, these naturally occurring compounds are present in the food when we consume it, and helps to boost our own SODs present within our cells and skin.

When delicate SOD molecules are coupled with a protective protein derived from wheat and other plants, they can be delivered intact to the intestines and absorbed into the bloodstream, thus effectively enhancing the body’s own primary defense system.2-5 Once in circulation in the bloodstream, these powerful antioxidants go to work detoxifying potentially harmful substances and reducing oxidative stress that might otherwise contribute to aging and crippling diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, and arthritis.  – Dale Kiefer, Life Extension

SOD is one of our bodies most powerful antioxidants, it is essential for protecting our cells from superoxide toxicity, particularly pro-oxidant molecules that can become highly toxic and induce damage to DNA. Other benefits of SOD is reducing inflammation, producing healthy cells, and reducing the risk of age-related disease. The absence of pesticides and herbicides in organically grown produce means plants are forced to naturally defend against threats with the release of this powerful antioxidant.

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Excerpt from Organic agriculture: Does it enhance or reduce the nutritional value of plant foods? 

“The possible differences between organic and conventional plant products are examined from the view of possible effects on human health. It is concluded that nutritionally important differences relating to contents of minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates are not likely, primarily since none of these are deficient in typical First World diets, nor are present levels of pesticide residues in conventional products a cause for concern. However, there is reason to believe that contents of many defence-related secondary metabolites in the diet are lower than optimal for human health, even for those where too high levels are known to be harmful. High biological activity resulting in adverse effects on growth of animals and children may be directly linked with promotion of longevity. There is ample, but circumstantial, evidence that, on average, organic vegetables and fruits most likely contain more of these compounds than conventional ones, allowing for the possibility that organic plant foods may in fact benefit human health more than corresponding conventional ones.. ”

Keep in mind; Superoxide dismutase is arguably the body’s most crucial antioxidant, as it is responsible for disarming the most dangerous free radicals of all: the highly reactive superoxide radicals.

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