The benefits of Salt

When we talk about salt we are talking about unrefined salt, rich in trace minerals and free of additives… Not chicken-salt. Himalayan salt (pink, red and white) & Celtic salt are two of the most popular choices to complement a balanced diet. As well as possessing Sodium Chloride, other trace minerals include calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, sulphate, magnesium, bromide,  fluoride, borate and strontium

  • Salt helps regulate blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity
  • Salt aids the body in maintaining a health stomach pH balance; stomach acid is hydrochloric acid and salt is sodium chlorine.
  • Salt suppresses stress hormones and increases the metabolic rate resulting in improved sleep
  • Due to its ability to increase the elimination of the stress hormone cortisol, salt can aid healthy weight management and supports healthy thyroid function
  • Salt encourages a faster metabolism
  • Himalayan salt can help regulate healthy pH of cells, particularly brain cells. It also promotes bone strength and vascular health.
  • Celtic Sea Salt can help alkaline the body balance electrolytes and elevate muscle cramps
  • Adequate salt can reduce magnesium deficiency
  • Table salt has been processed to strip many of the trace minerals, it is predominantly sodium chloride and also contains an array of chemicals that can causes the body to retain fluids.


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