Summer bucket list

  1. Learn how to ride a bike “no hands dad”
  2. Get a disposable camera (or 10), and enjoy looking back and thinking  ‘That was an amazing day’ & ‘Does my hair really look like that?’
  3. Set up a projector in your backyard for the ultimate movie nights under the stars

  1. Screen the classics: Blue LagoonI’ll be home for Christmas (Eva Marie Saint) Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  2. Move your dining table outside and invest in mozzie coils
  3. Spend the afternoon on Burleigh hill. Save the conversation for dinner because you won’t get a word in over the lorikeets chitchat.
  4. Fairy lights; Indoors, outdoors, draped over your beach cruiser… There’s no end to the magic of fairy lights.
  5. Learn how to make a mojito
  6. Learn how to make a virgin mojito for the day-after
  7. Wear beach hair to the office
  8. Dont neglect your skin! Exfoliate & hydrate your body with rich conditioning oils & creams
  9. Watch an entire box set when the tropical weather hits
  10. Camp at the beach & wake up to the sunrise; bonfire, marshmallows & that disposable camera will be all you need
  11. Keep a fresh batch of ice tea in the fridge, full of cleansing antioxidants and fresh fruits
  12. Perfect your grandmas banana bread recipe
  13. Unleash your inner kid at Wet’n’Wild
  14. DIY pedicure to match your bikinis
  15. Put down the phone. Go sans-tech for a day or two and enjoy life without the play-by-play of everyone else’s day
  16. Add fruit to your salads; watermelon & feta, cranberry & turkey, apple & pork
  17. Can you whistle? Now’s a good time to start
  18. Get at least 3 serves of fruit and veggies & 1 litre of water daily, now’s a good time to start healthy habits
  19. Talking about habits; kick your bad ones. By the end of summer you’ll be bad-habit free
  20. Reignite your love of 90s hiphop for the ultimate summer playlist
  21. Make a watermelon Pizza. Seriously..
  22. Get your Zen on. Meditation, yoga, swimming in the ocean.. Find your inner Qi outdoors
  23. Banana ice cream: Chop up bananas, freeze, eat. Voilà!
  24. Spend as much time doing the things you love, surrounded by the people that make you happy

2 thoughts on “Summer bucket list

  1. nbx5 says:

    Muddle 1 1/2 oz white rum with 8-10 leaves of mint and half a lime. Add ice, 1/2 – 1 oz simple syrup (depending on sweetness) and top up with sparkling water. Stir and add a mint sprig to garnish.


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