5 pieces of advice from stylish women

1. Parisian Stylist Melanie Huynh on her morning ritual Via, The Coveteur …

“In the morning, I start my day with barley juice and a glass of hot water. I take my green superfood [supplement] and I do stretching…

.. I clean my face with some lotion and Granions de Zinc, and then I put some cream on, a serum by REN. I use only pharmaceutical products, like La Roche Posay. I put a little bit of makeup on. I use my father’s brand products, Ed Pinaud. My routine is the same at night, I just change the serum.”

2. The basic staples every woman should have in her wardrobe from model/blogger Tanja Gacic, via Vogue…

“A pencil skirt, good flats, an elegant coat, a great knit, some silk shirts, a sharp blazer, soft denim and an amazing simple tote.”

3. Conquering nerves and stepping-up from Heidi Nazarudin, blogger at ‘The Successful Style’ and president of ‘Blogger Babes’, via Entrepreneur.com

“My confidence is a mixture of style and substance. Knowing that I look amazing and that I have done my homework for the task at hand is a great confidence booster — in other words, polished, poised, prepared.”

4. Mental health, via Hemsley + Hemsley

“A self-imposed “switch off” is a great way to remind yourself to step back from the hustle and bustle, to rest and revive the body and mind… Adopt a technology free bedroom policy. Remember when we all used to rely on analog alarm clocks or body clocks? Make your bedroom your sanctuary; a place to rest and restore. Use an analog alarm clock and keep your phone/tablet/laptop in another room so that you’re not wired just before going to bed and so that checking your phone isn’t the first thing you do each morning.”

5. On reversing the signs of ageing, via Huffington Post

Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Diane Lane all reveal their favourite beauty secret to be cosmetic acupuncture, to keep skin firm, and slow the ageing process like saggy skin, crows feet and heavy jowls.

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